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Sweet lady! icklesweety

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30 / Woman seeking Man 18 – 37
Rating : 9.04
Born : 1978-04-17
Location : Houston, Texas
About icklesweety: Hello all! I'm a fairly kinky bitch, interested in exploring life with all types of people, men and women. I am interested in bdsm (i am a novice, but want to learn! if you don't know what bdsm is, research it–you'll be glad you did), anal (i'm good at giving AND taking… and isn't that how life should be, after all?), bi-boys and bi-girls (how hot is it for a dude to bend over and take my strapon up the ass, and then have a dude f uck him? and of course, two girls together is such a beautiful thing and not only because straight dudes get off seeing it).But then again, there is so much more to me than just my healthy obsession with sex. I love furry animals (absolutely no cat haters allowed), I love to read, I love spending time with my friends (high), I love laughing and I try to constantly have a smile on my face. I'm also pretty damn aggressive and people have called me "over the top" before… discreet is not in my vocabulary…

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