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impeccable sweet heart My gym teacher and his teen affection

Every Monday we have gym classes from two to three and even though we have nothing else that day I only leave for house at six. And it is precisely how things happened the other day. My gym teacher, Mr. Scoop, is one crazy old man with huge teenager appetite so he gives me lots of tasks in order to keep me there until all one else is long gone. The other day he gave me 200 push-ups… A couple of minutes after everybody had disappeared I felt a mammoth weight landing on my buttocks. Mr. Scoop was now over me, putting an end to all my push-up efforts. I felt his hand taking off my tight undies and a thick dick dived hard and deep inside me. No mercy for a tight teenager cunt like mine and he even pulled my hair, driving me insanely cool… I had an gasm while still facing down and couldn’t control those heavy pleasure spasms. That night Mr. Scoop decided to join and carry on his teenager fantasy on my webcamClick here to view our last show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us.

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