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I always had a oversized fancy for long black limos and the other night I got lucky enough to sit my badonkadonk in the back of one of these impeccable rides. Once done with my webcam performing for that night, I thought I give my asian pussy some fresh night air so I took off for a short walk in the park and behold there was a stretched Lincoln right in front of my alley. Surprisingly it seemed that it was waiting especially for me and unlike expected, the drivers window got down instead of the one in back. The randy driver was a member and had the feeling that he can impress me by showing up in a awesome looking cars like this that wasn’t evev his. And he did. charming soon after I was completely nekkid in the back, pouring champagne all over me and slow fingering myself in front of this aroused naughty driver. He quickly gagged me with his cock and pressed my asian knockers against those fantastic leather seats. It’s strange how everything seems smoother when in the back of a limo…Click here to view the new show photographs and here to check out more about us.

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