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All Pink Host Henry didn’t know but had a pleasant surprise

Wanted to exchange my sextoy for a genuine boner last weekend so I teased Henry, a total stranger I ran into, back to my place… He bended me over and begun the anal fun, but to his surprise, he didn’t find any hole to finger as the camel toe had turned into a camel hump. He had some doubts for a moment because he hadn’t figure out that I was a tranny. Still my yummy knockers and incredible looking badonkadonk made him continue what he had started and totally loved jerking me off while sinking his erection deep down my hindquarters… After this hot episode he joined and lately is constantly seeing my livecam shows that I put on almost every day…Seems like another shemale lover is born 🙂Click here for updated show pics and here to check out more about us.

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