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I always wanted to try something new with a gill for a change. My colossal cock and firm boobies were always handled and fondled but I never were the active one at all. So after finishing my webcam show three days ago I invited over an great cunt-muncher that used to be a gill herself to have a dirty little night together. The good thing was that the instant she realized that I had a colossal cock instead of a snatch she didn’t freak out and instead smiled and stripped her lingerie off. She then jumped on my boner all the way down and circled her entire badonkadonk nice and lusty. Her impeccable round hooters pressed against my cans really hard as I increased fuck speed. And she started screaming once she felt her gasm growing inside her so I grabbed her soft butt cheeks, spread them really hard and inserted my finger in her badonkadonk hole. She squirted immediately…Click here to view our last show pics and here to view our profile and find out more about us.

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